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3 Reasons to Start Your Beard in the Spring!

Spring is a great season for growing a new beard! Spring itself signals the end of winter, showcases signs of new growth and greenery and gives us a glimpse into summer. Yes, we said spring and not fall for your new beard. With all the new is new growth everywhere, why not on your face? We say Rep the Beard any season, but here are good reasons why you should begin growing your beard this spring.   1. Summer is just around the bend There’s no wrong time to grow a great beard, but summertime for new beards are not the greatest. The mixture of itchy-new growth, sweat and summer heat can make a rookie beadsman want to cry like...

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How does your beard really look?

Beards are like snowflakes, there are not 2 exactly the same. I've noticed that facial hair tells YOU how it should be groomed, not the other way around. While you can tame it by using oils such as OBC, it's your style that cannot be duplicated. The folks over at The Art of Manliness has a great article about how others perceive your manly mane. Check out the full article below:

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Why do you need beard oil?

One of the first reasons men give in to the grinding shave and don't grow a flowing beard is because of the itchiness and irritation from the first couple of weeks. This is where beard oils come in to save the day - and your beard. If you are still not convinced that you need to add beard oil to your daily routine, check out these tips and how Ozark Beard Co. Oil can help you achieve great beardness.   1. Power through the itch!  In the early stages of bearding, Hair and skin regenerate, so the dead cells flake off, causing beardruff and itching. This is where Ozark Beard Company Beard Oil helps tame the urge to scratch your face off - or worse - shave....

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