3 Reasons to Start Your Beard in the Spring!

Spring is a great season for growing a new beard! Spring itself signals the end of winter, showcases signs of new growth and greenery and gives us a glimpse into summer.

Yes, we said spring and not fall for your new beard. With all the new is new growth everywhere, why not on your face? We say Rep the Beard any season, but here are good reasons why you should begin growing your beard this spring.


1. Summer is just around the bend

There’s no wrong time to grow a great beard, but summertime for new beards are not the greatest. The mixture of itchy-new growth, sweat and summer heat can make a rookie beadsman want to cry like a fresh-born baby.

Spring is great because it still offers cool nights and great overall temps for letting you get adjusted before the heat-wave hits. By the time summer rolls around, you will be well-versed in beard and will coast into fall. 


2. Spring is change and new growth!

Be natural and let it grow. Look around and check out the changes, gone are the grey trees, bone-chilling low temps and harsh north winds. Just like nature, your face would like a change too, let the hair grow that has been shaved all winter long, your face will thank you.


3. Look like a seasoned pro by winter

Don’t wait until it’s too hot in the summer and don’t look like a rookie in “No Shave November” (even though its for a great cause!). Imagine how glorious your face hedge will be once the cold weather hits in Fall/Winter. You will be ready for any weather winter throws at your face (pun intended). Spring is a great time to get a jumpstart on the beard of your dreams. When the itchiness becomes too much on a new beard, OBC beard oils are there to help. Your friends and family will see a change in you and your face this spring when you Rep the Beard!

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