Why do you need beard oil?

One of the first reasons men give in to the grinding shave and don't grow a flowing beard is because of the itchiness and irritation from the first couple of weeks. This is where beard oils come in to save the day - and your beard. If you are still not convinced that you need to add beard oil to your daily routine, check out these tips and how Ozark Beard Co. Oil can help you achieve great beardness.


1. Power through the itch! 

In the early stages of bearding, Hair and skin regenerate, so the dead cells flake off, causing beardruff and itching. This is where Ozark Beard Company Beard Oil helps tame the urge to scratch your face off - or worse - shave.

2. Condition your beard

If you want to keep you beard soft, healthy looking and itch-free, add beard oil as needed! This is where Ozark Beard Company Beard Oils come in, their natural ingredients keep the beard moisturized from tip to root (beards can get split ends), and keeps your skin hydrated too.

3. Best time to apply beard oil.

The best possible time to put oil in your beard is right after a warm shower. Warm water opens your pores and facial hairs are softer after a warm shower. Dry your beard well (oil and water don't mix!). Apply as needed, the longer/thicker the beard - the more drops you need. Be sure to rub all the way to the skin. 

It's that easy, now you know how to prevent the itch - whats stopping you from growing a massive, mainly beard?!

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